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O&B Report 18 June 2024

A g00d turnout of 13 players today and great to welcome Clive Synnuck back, on a flying visit. Lower temperatures, but higher humidity, with little breeze made for a sticky experience whilst not dampening the scoring ! The mention went to Ron Marsh with 20 points (beating Chris Cowin on countback). Fifth place went to Allan McEwan on 22 points, winning his 2 Euro back. Fourth place went to Dave McVey on 25 points, winning 3 Euro. Third place was taken by Mike Sotiriou with the same 25 points but a better final three holes, winning 5 Euro. The runner-up, with 26 points, winning 7 Euro, was Alistair Smiley. Our Champion, with 28 points, winning 9 Euro, was Dave O'Neill; great to see you back on form Dave, well done indeed. A farewell was bid to Mike Sotiriou as he returns to UK for the summer - enjoy the rain, Mike. My thanks to Alan Young for running the show in my absence - a good job done ! I hope to be there with you all next Tuesday.

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