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Course and Local Rules

JSGC(E) LOCAL RULES (revised April 2023)

1) Fairways

Fairways begin at the BLUE marker posts and are thereafter defined by marker posts. If a ball strikes a marker post it is a “Rub of the Green” and the ball must be played as it lies.


2) Abnormal Course Conditions (Including Immovable Obstructions) - Rule 16.1 

a) Blue fairway markers, distance markers, water chambers, static water pipes, deep tyre marks.

b) Roads, tracks and paths that are solid tarmac or concrete within the bounds of the course. 

c) All other artificial immovable objects are deemed immovable obstructions. (See Rule 12 and Annex A for the list of recognised tracks on the course.)                   

d) Fixed Sprinkler Heads. All fixed sprinkler heads are immovable obstructions and relief from any interference may be obtained.

e) GUR signs, stakes and marker tape are immovable obstructions.

f) Inside the roped area surrounding the 11th tee.


Relief under Rule 16.1b should be taken anywhere on the course, except in a penalty area.


3) Out of Bounds (Rule 18). The following areas are out of bounds: 

a) The seaward side of the course. This is marked by white posts from the cliff beside the tunnel to the cliff behind the 5th green -  to the left of the 1st and to the right of the 3rd, 4th and 5th including the clubhouse patio, car park and practice area.

b) The area of Halfway House to the right of the white marker posts.


Relief under Rule 14.6 should be taken.


4) Penalty Areas (Rule 17)

a) The Reservoir is a RED PENALTY AREA, as defined by the red marker posts.  It has been deemed a sensitive and dangerous environmental area and entry is strictly forbidden.

b) The area to the right of the 10th fairway is a RED PENALTY AREA, as defined by red marker posts.

c) The area behind the 11th green, either side of the bridge, is a RED PENALTY AREA, as defined by red marker posts.


Relief under Rule 17.1d should be taken.


6) Greens

a) The artificial greens should be treated in the same way as conventional turf greens. Scratching the surface to mark the ball is NOT allowed, ball markers or a coin should be used.

b) When on the green and the fringe interferes with a PUTTING stroke. the player may take free relief by moving the ball no nearer the hole, until the line of the putt is clear of the obstruction. The ball CANNOT be taken off the green to do this.  

c) When on the green and “ripples” affect the line of putt, a player may take relief, by moving the ball no nearer the hole, until the line of putt is clear of this obstruction.

d) A player may, without penalty, remove any natural growth which is deemed to be in the line of a putt.

c) Players must not chip on the greens, either with or without an astroturf mat.


7) Preferred Lies 

a) Preferred lies may be taken on any area defined as fairway.  Astroturf may be used on the fairway of any hole, not just the one in play.

b) When taking a preferred lie the player may improve only the lie of the ball. He/she may not improve the line, stance or swing.

c) The position of the ball being lifted must be marked and the ball placed within one standard grip length (approx. 9 inches) of its original position (reference point) not nearer the hole.

d) When astroturf is used the ball must be placed on the mat at least 4 inches from the back edge. Once placed on the mat, the mat cannot be moved.

e) On a bank the ball may only be moved 6 inches.

f) If astroturf is used and the ball does not remain on the mat, the mat may be moved to the nearest point, no nearer the hole, where the ball can remain on the mat. This point should preferably be within one grip length of the original position.

g) The playing surface of astroturf must not be prepared in any way. However, the astroturf may be backed to maintain its shape.

h) Balls may be cleaned before being replaced on the mat.

i) A ball that moves whilst on the mat is to be replaced WITHOUT PENALTY regardless of whether it was caused to move by the player or natural forces.



Only one mat may be used during a round and there are to be no bare patches on its surface.  The mat must be round with a diameter of between 8 and 12 inches (20 - 30 cm).  The overall height must not exceed 1 inch (2.5cm).   The mat may NOT be double sided but can be backed.

When using a mat, it may be placed directly behind the ball - this effectively marks the ball's position. Alternatively, players have the option to mark the ball and place their mat within a grip length of that marker.

9) Footwear

Spikeless golf shoes or trainers are to be worn by all players on the golf course. Golf shoes with any type of spikes are not to be worn under any circumstances.


Annex A to JSGC(E) Local Rules


Tracks within the course boundary are routes through the course that are regularly used to gain access by vehicles.

Tracks within the course, from which relief may be taken are listed as follows:

Hole 1: Access roads to the rear of the 1st green and to the right of the fairway.

Hole 2: In front of the yellow and red tees and to the right of the 2nd green.

Hole 3:  Path heading through to the 17th green and to the 4th tee.

Hole 4: All paths leading to the fairway. Path, far right of the fairway past the rough.

Hole 5: In front of the red tee and to the right of the fairway for the full length of the hole.

Hole 6: Right of the fairway running between 6th and 9th holes.

Hole 7: Left of fairway running to red 14th tee and rear of the green.

Hole 8:  Front of tee box running full length of the hole to the left. Right of the green between 6th and 8th hole.

Hole 9:  Front of the tee and to the left and right of the fairway.

Hole10: No tracks defined.

Hole 11: Left of the green between 11th and 13th holes. Right of the green, running up to Halfway House.

Hole 12: Track running up to Halfway House. Rear of reservoir 12th tee side.

Hole 13: Track running to Halfway House and between 13th and 11th holes. Left of and behind the green.

Hole 14: Left of the fairway.

Hole 15: Front of the tee running up to Halfway House.

Hole 16: Between 16th and 17th fairway.

Hole 17: Front of red tee running to Halfway House between 16th and 17th fairways.

Hole 18: Left of the fairway and in front of red tee. Left of the green between 1st and 18th holes.

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