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Membership Criteria


The JSGC(E) provides a welfare facility for the community in British Forces Cyprus (BFC); it is therefore a private members club.


In accordance with HQ British Forces Cyprus (BFC) legislation, there is controlled access to Happy Valley. Any individual not already in possession of an access pass must obtain one from the Security Forces Police office at Episkopi Station prior to using the JSGC(E). Access pass applications will be sponsored by the JSGC(E) for the period of the approved club membership only.

Membership consists of Entitled Personnel, Forces Veterans, and some Associates. The criteria for each are below.

For the 2022/2023 season we have introduced a temporary membership and included in the annual membership option a 'social' category.

Details of each membership option are contained within the three individual forms (click on the one you need):

Annual - for all membership categories
Temporary - only for those applicants NOT permanently resident in Cyprus
New To Golf - for those genuinely new to the game (not the club) and wanting to 'give it a go'


Membership Criteria


Entitled Status

ALL ENTITLED SERVICE AND MOD CIVILIAN PERSONNEL and their families serving in British Forces Cyprus will be eligible to become members of the Club.  The Treaty of Establishment (ToE) and Episkopi Station allow a proportion of non-entitled personnel to become members of the Club. Under these regulations the proportion of entitled members should be at least 85% of the total membership.


Non-Entitled Status

Veteran Member. Any person who has served in the UK Armed Forces for more than 6 months and who permanently resides in Cyprus. Following the signing of the BFC Veteran Covenant in July 2021, veterans will no longer be capped by the 15% limit of non-entitled members.


Associate Member. There are two categories of Associate Membership.

  1. Forces Veterans who do not permanently reside in Cyprus; and retired Civil Servants who have served in the UK Government and been employed within BFC/SBAA.


  1. Other applicants may be admitted to Associate Membership if their membership promotes the objects of the charity.  Applications should be sponsored by an existing club member and submitted to the Club Manager for JSGC(E) committee approval.


The percentage of all Associate Membership is restricted to 15% of the total membership.  The committee is to review the list of Associate Members annually.


Entitled or Non-Entitled applicants who do not permanently reside in Cyprus may apply for a temporary membership, which will be limited to strict one-month periods (can be multiple months).


Junior members may be either Entitled (by virtue of familial links or otherwise) or Non-Entitled in accordance with the above guidance.  Membership fees will, however, be consistent across the junior membership. Juniors are defined as persons under the age of 18 at the point of joining the club or when renewal of membership is due. 


Any member who has rendered outstanding service to the Club over a prolonged period may be nominated to the Executive Committee as worthy of consideration for Honorary Membership. Persons holding Honorary Membership rights will not be required to pay annual membership or green fees.

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