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The Old and Bold is an open group that meets on Tuesday morning with the first tee-off at 10.00 am.  Everyone is welcome, just roll-up and add your name to the board at the Starter's Hut to form playing groups of three.  As the name implies, it is not just for the retired, or 'old' community, but for everyone who finds themselves available to play golf on a Tuesday morning.  

A 2 Euro entry fee provides a prize pot with cash prizes depending on the number of attendees. 


It’s the name that gives it away…Wednesday Afternoon Golfing Athletes (WAGA).  Teeing off at 1300Hrs every Wednesday just stick your name down on the board in the car park. It’s played over 12 holes in a Stableford format. It’s played in a light hearted vein with the winner getting the honour to wear the coveted ‘Yellow’ shirt and the last placed player having to wear the ‘Pink' shirt the following week. Unless you have a handicap these will be allocated after consultation and will be relative to a players ability. For non-members who are entitled personnel the Wednesday club green fee charge is only €5 euros. The weekly entry fee to play WAGA is only €2.50 with the chance to win the afternoon prize and ‘2’s pot’ if any.

WAGA does not have a charter but if it did it would be – a fun afternoon with the aim of improving the golf of those new to the game with the encouragement of players to join the JSGC(E) club if not already members.

The Thursday Group

An open group, similar to the Old & Bold, meets on Thursday morning at 10.00hrs; again, everyone is welcome to join in by simply adding your name to the board at the Starter's Hut on the day.

A 2 Euro entry fee also applies.

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