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O&B Report 16 April 2024

With last week's O&B being rained off, this week was a complete contrast with hot and humid (ish) conditions plus the dry ground assisting ball travel; good scores ensued as follows. Eleven players were in the running for the prizes; the mention went to Ron Marsh, one of three players on 33 points of which two made it into the report. Fourth place, again on 33 points, was Allan McEwan, winning his 2 Euro back. Third place went to 'Yours Truly' with 35 points on countback, winning 4 Euro. The runner-up slot was taken with the same 35 points by Mike Sotiriou, winning 7 Euro. The man on a rich vein of good form with 36 points, winning 9 Euro, was Our Club Champion, Alan Young; brilliant play again today, very well done ! Until next Tuesday, keep swinging.

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