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Elea GC Reservations

2024 Agreement with Elea Golf Club

Booking Process

The Deal

Elea Golf Club will provide 36 tee times, valid between 1 January - 31 December 2024 for use during the low season only of: 1 Jan - 15 Feb, 1 Jun - 15 Sep, 1 - 31 Dec


  • 1 tee time a day subject to availability (Saturday’s after 10.10 and Sunday’s after 9.10)

  • Pre-booking available from 7 days in advance

  • All Players must sign-in with the pro-shop prior to playing

  • A no-show tee time is considered a used tee time

  • A booked tee time not cancelled more than 24h in advance is considered a used tee time 


The Booking Process


First: Reserve a 'date to play' with Episkopi Golf Club

  • Email the Club Manager to reserve a date of play (

  • All reservations will cost €120 irrespective of the number of players

  • Reservations only accepted from JSGC members. Non-members may be invited to play at an additional cost of €10 per person

  • The Club Manager will confirm date availability by return email

  • No-shows or cancellations made with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged at the full rate



Second: Book a Tee-Time with Elea Golf Club


  • Once the reservation date has been confirmed, you should then book a tee-time with Elea Golf Club (Phone number: 26202004 - ask for golf reservations)

  • The booking is to be made in the name of ‘Episkopi Golf Club’, NOT in your own name.

  • To prevent a ‘double reservation’ on any one day, tee times must NOT be booked with Elea Golf Club before receiving confirmation of your reserved date from the JSGC(E) Club Manager


Third: Play golf


  • On arrival at Elea Golf Club you should check in at the pro-shop, and list the names of all players on the ‘sign in’ sheet provided.


Fourth: Pay Episkopi Golf Club


  • The club member making the reservation is solely responsible for the full payment to the Episkopi Golf Club

  • Payment is to be made to the Club Manager: NOT Elea Golf Club

  • Fee is €120 - non-members pay an additional €10 each

  • Cash is to be secured in an envelope and placed ONLY in the Green Fee payments box in the Starters Hut at Episkopi Golf Club

  • No loose cash. The sealed envelope is to be clearly marked with:

    • Booking member’s name

    • Date of Play

    • Amount Enclosed

  • Money is to be paid promptly, and by no later than one week after the playing date

  • No future reservations will be accepted until previous ones/no shows have been paid for


Fifth: Fine print, Rules and Etiquette:


  • On no account should you discuss with Elea Golf Club staff or their members the fee you have paid. If asked, you should explain that this agreement is a member benefit of the JSGC(E)

  • The Elea golf course rules and etiquette are as follows: 

    • All players should report to the starter at the 1st tee 5 minutes before their allocated starting time. 

    • All players must wear appropriate golf shoes with soft spikes. Metal spikes are not permitted on the golf course. 

    • Dress code must be observed for the golf course and clubhouse as stipulated on the scorecard, no beachwear, no denims, no training shoes, no t-shirts, socks must be worn. 

    • All players are responsible for any injuries or loss of life to themselves and other parties. The Vendor will not be liable for any injury or death to players.

    • Each player must have his/her own golf bag with their own set of clubs.

    • All players are responsible for any damage caused to any hire equipment during their round.

    • A buggy may carry a maximum of two players and two golf bags and no person under the age of 18 may drive a buggy hired from Elea Golf Club.

    • All players are responsible for any damage to buggies during their round.

    • All players must replace divots on the fairways, repair pitch marks on the greens and rake bunkers after play.

  • If Episkopi Golf Club members are refused permission to play because they do not conform to the above rules, the full green fee will be charged

  • The Episkopi Golf Club will monitor this booking process and may amend it as required

  • The Episkopi Golf Club reserves the right to adjust the payment fee

  • All club members are required to respect this booking process and not abuse it in any way; we will adopt a ‘fair usage’ approach to ensure opportunity and equality for all


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